How Bingo Machines Operate

Most players don't know how Bingo machines work, or that there are even different types. While knowledge of these devices isn't necessary for you to play the game, it does help you understand how random the outcome is, and why cheating cannot happen.

As with most games, technology has played a role in determining the process of the game. In home games of course, there is no "Bingo machine" to speak of. Usually the balls are placed inside a container and drawn out randomly by someone.

Bingo machines today come in two forms, the traditional and the electronic versions.

In the traditional or classic method, the balls (or in some cases, chips) are placed inside a transparent container. The process may differ slightly but in general, once the balls are placed inside the container, the air blower shuffles the balls. A device called the lifter is used to project each ball up to the ball shooter, The ball then enters a tube, called the runway, and straight into the playfield.

At this point, the ball, marked with a corresponding number, is called out by the barker, or is displayed on an electronic board. The process is repeated for every ball.

In commercial hall Bingo, the electronic machine is used instead. Instead of using ball gate, lifters and air blowers, a random number generator (RNG) is used instead. With the use of a microchip, the randomness of the outcome is ensured. What makes this more attractive and practical is that the traditional devices are subject to wear and tear and could lead to biased or uneven distribution of the balls.

This same device is used in Bingo machines online. Although the designs of the games may look different, the mechanism by which these games work is the same; with the aid of the RNG. The sites have servers and computer systems fitted with this device, and use it to produce the numbers at random. As with the slot machines in casinos, these are regularly checked and maintained not just by the site operators, but by authorities to ensure its integrity.

Knowing the different types of Bingo machines used helps players because it shows them how difficult it is for cheating to take place. It will also aid players in removing any beliefs about a number combination that should "come out soon". With your mind at rest regarding this matter, you'll be able to concentrate on the important matter: winning the game.