Making a Fortune by Promoting Online Bingo

There's one way to earn money from bingo without having to spend a single cent on a bingo card, and that is by promoting online bingo. But in order to get paid promoting online bingo, you need to register with a bingo affiliate program.

In order to help their affiliates earn more money promoting online bingo, affiliate programs typically provide their affiliates with marketing and advertising tools, advices, and tips. Now there are many venues for promoting online bingo. You can do it on your website, or forum, or blog. You can also do it offline, if the affiliate program allows it.

How much would you earn promoting online bingo?

This is a case-to-case basis, and it would depend entirely on how many players you get to click on the ads, drive to the bingo room, and get to sign up with the casino. Payment in a bingo affiliate program is on a commission basis. You can earn a commission in two ways: one, as a percentage-based revenue, and two, as flat rate fee (cost per acquisition or CPA). Revenue commission normally ranges around 20-35%, while CPAs are around $50 - $200.

Now, bingo affiliating would seem like merely posting those banners on your website. Well, its just part of it, but the real challenge of the game is how to draw players to your site and then drive them to the bingo room you are promoting. So if you are expecting to join a bingo affiliate program and readily score big bucks without doing anything, that is hardly the case. You cannot draw bingo players into your site unless you let those players know that you exist as well as the bingo room you are promoting. Keep in mind that you serve as the bingo rooms advertising channel, and your goal is to make as much number of people aware of your product.

Remember also, you're just one of the fishes in the sea. You're in competition with other affiliates. Thus, you have to think of the most effective and strategic ways to attract bingo players and enthusiasts.

Now, to achieve your promotion goals, there are conventional online advertising methods. These include SEO article writing, posting on forums, blogging, and publishing e-newsletters. But that's all you need to invest to earn money by promoting online bingo: effort. Joining affiliate bingo affiliate programs are free of charge, allowing you to build your fortune from scratch, literally.